Elliot on the Committee


Elliot Isaacson, 23 is bringing fresh ideas to the committee of Radio Northwick Park after taking on the role of Volunteers Coordinator.



I remember when I was first joining, I was apprehensive. Would I be good enough? Will people like me? Will I enjoy myself? The answer to all those questions was yes and I found that out really early on.

 I think back then, I would never have thought about being able to carry my own show, or run the request show, and even less be the Volunteer’s Coordinator for the entire station.


In my new role I am responsible for studio managers and taking care of new and old members. I’m really excited as I’ve always wanted to join the committee. I love spending time with everyone and to know that we are all here for the same cause is great. Thus I am very committed to my role and my full attention will go into it. With a few tricks and surprises in store, I believe the way my friends would describe me as a cup half-full kind of guy will come in useful for my new position.

Interacting with patients is not only the main role of the station based in North-West London, but taken with great care by all the members. It makes me feel really good. I mean you wouldn’t be much of a person if cheering up a patient didn’t make you happy. I feel that we’re doing something really worthwhile at RNP, in my mind, making someone smile is one of the most important things you can do in life. 


Although dreaming of being professional footballer I think I’m little too old for that and my singing voice is that of a mutilated puffin, so my aspiration is to be a TV presenter. Studying TV Production at University of Westminster, I found being front of the camera whilst also on air at RNP I’ve now become more confident in both my abilities and my personal attitude towards life. Hosting The Vocal Platform, a talk show on Wednesday evenings it’s pretty much a collection of random thoughts and ideas that Ben and I have in our heads that we then talk about for an hour on radio. It’s like a little version of the Ricky Gervais podcasts. I think Ben sometimes writes down what he wants to talk about in the show, but I never do and always go into it with no idea what I’m going to talk about. I’d advise anyone who wants to learn about ad-libbing and off-the-cuff conversations to come down one evening and take part in the show, it’s an experience!


With the diverse mix of shows, from Bollywood to country most shows wouldn’t look out of place in professional radio. I think a lot of that has to do with Matt Blank’s time as Programme Controller, he brought the station into a new age and brought about a standard that is extremely high, and I think all our shows match it. Something important to remember though is that volunteers come and go all the time, but the core of the station still remains.


Participating in fundraising events within the station I was 1 of 3 who hosted a 24 hour broadcast, which I don’t seem to remember very well. Maybe I was so tired by the end of it that I threw it out of my mind! I’m kidding, the 24 hour show was fantastic, such an experience and I’m delighted I took part. With Ben and Lauren, we had such a laugh and I genuinely believe the show wasn’t just a fund-raising event, but also entertaining to listen to. Raising £1600, we became the highest fundraising event in RNP history!

Being able to contribute something to the world in a way that interests me is a privilege and I believe anyone can make a good volunteer. Some people may not feel they have the confidence to be on radio, but not only do we help build confidence here, but there is more to it than just talking on the air. Visiting the patients and giving them just 5 minutes of our time may not seem like much to us, but to them it may be the only company they get so you have the chance to make someone who is unwell happy for 5 minutes. That itself is a good reason to join. We’re a family and a community at RNP, and if you want to be part of that, you just have to contact me: volunteering@radionorthwickpark.org

After a cheesy hour of pop, the request show returned, perhaps greater than ever. A new game and a tombola is only the tip of the iceberg.




Cheese pizza at RNP

So, me and Sital got to take over Anila’s show whilst she was sunning herself on holiday. What happened? We turned the one hour we were in control into a triple cheese pizza. Playing so much cheesy music Pizza Hut would be jealous.


I loved it. Spice Girls, followed by Culture Club and to finish Five, what more could anyone ask for? (Even played Aqua – Barbie Girl…. Was that a step too far?





We celebrating our awards and generally having a fun time at St Anns Shopping Centre in Harrow this Saturday.


Come along and support us. Help us raise money or just come and join in with the fun!




It is with great pleasure that we can announce yet another successful year for Radio Northwick Park at the HBA Awards. On Saturday evening at the ceremony in Leeds, we won Best Female for Lauren Rich (Silver Award), Best Male for Ben Punter (Highly Commended) and Station of the Year (Highly Commended). With these tremendous achievements, it puts Radio Northwick Park within the top 5 Hospital Radio Stations in the UK and number one in the London area.   Congratulations to our two winners and to everyone for helping us achieve the accolade of one of the top stations of 2008. 



So, Leeds, Leeds, Leeds – in short, I won a Highly Commended in the best male category which is basically 4th / 5th place so hurrah to that, plus we also won highly commended as a Station and Silver (2nd) for female presenter.


A good, fun & drunken 3 days had by….well most really.

In Long – Friday morning, picked up at 10am, with Me, Stacie, Biba, and the Hart brother Ben and Jon, all manner of fun and chat ensued but in this instance “what goes on tour, stays on tour”        

We took a minor detour off the M1 and headed off to find a ‘ickle country pub just outside Leicester (Sirloin Steak and a Pint in-case you wondering) 

Roadworks, rain and naps then at 4:30pm we arrived at the Queens Hotel in Leeds City Centre (4 stars do you know)

Lovely rooms, showers décor etc, etc – after a late dinner, Myself, Matt, Biba, Stacie, And Jon head into town, that’s right, spending our Friday night on the town in Leeds.

Start at 10pm at Prohibition, (Cocktail Bar) onto All Bar One, then across the road to Karaoke

Matt being a non-drinker, insists on having an empty glass and straw just to, and I quote “I don’t want to be left out” – he also nearly started a fight by accidentally moonwalking into someone almost spilling their pint. No karaoke was had, too busy. Another Bar/club then back to the hotel, and at 2:15am Matt picks me up, and carry’s me into the fountain outside the hotel – thanks chairman. Sitting in a Kebab shop drying off, we all ate 10” pizza’s and found a top hat, then back to the Hotel and to bed at 3am.

Saturday morning, hangover – had a hotel breakfast of orange juice, orange juice, orange juice, Tea and orange juice, then out shopping for new shoes (thanks matt grrr) 

Lazy Saturday day really shopping & browsing in Leeds – Dinner at 7:30pm – Awards from 9pm,

So nervous during the dinner I didn’t really eat – and had 3 toilets breaks while still on 1st pint.

After the awards – All went out trying to find a club/bar but instead we went back to Matt’s room, who was upgrade to a suite, playing 24 hour bingo and chatting and a-drinking, end at 4am* (*5am if you include the fact the clocks went forward) 

Sunday Breakfast, another hangover then Sunday Roast, Check outs and back home after a 3 hour ride – we all slept in the car, That’s our Highly Commended Weekend

Roll on Blackpool 2009