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It is with great pleasure that we can announce yet another successful year for Radio Northwick Park at the HBA Awards. On Saturday evening at the ceremony in Leeds, we won Best Female for Lauren Rich (Silver Award), Best Male for Ben Punter (Highly Commended) and Station of the Year (Highly Commended). With these tremendous achievements, it puts Radio Northwick Park within the top 5 Hospital Radio Stations in the UK and number one in the London area.   Congratulations to our two winners and to everyone for helping us achieve the accolade of one of the top stations of 2008. 




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Last weeks’ request show was a random mix of requests, who wants to be a millionaire and Ben’s emotive speech for the HBA Awards. 

Take a look; let us know what you think?


Ben emotive speech for the Station of the Year Award

He also plans on giving up alcohol:

Who wants to be a millionaire – Part I 

Who wants to be a millionaire – Part II

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Radio Northwick Park has launched a fundraising campaign to refurbish its offices.

We are holding a number of events in the coming months, including an outside broadcast from the centre of Harrow in April.

We are raising money to refurbish the studios, which are located in the basement of the hospital. These studios haven’t been changed since 1971 so and freshen up it what it needs.

Adrian Rammelt, who has been with the station for ten years, said: “The walls and ceilings in here have seen better days.

“We have never really had the resources to change things, but we are hoping to raise enough money to really improve the whole station.”

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The Big Mid-Week Quiz was introduced on the Request Show last night, but was it a success?


Interlinking with lots of requests, Ben created a quiz with three rounds: Film & TV, Music and General knowledge. Personally, I found the questions quite difficult and soon gave up, but the rest of the team continued.

 Take a look: 

Here’s the answers if you interested:

Film & TV

Q1: In the three Bourne films starring Matt Damon what is Bourne`s first name?
ANSWER: Jason 
Q2: Who is the presenter of the Weakest Link?
ANSWER: Anne Robinson 
Q3: What are the first names of the twin girls in Bart`s class in The Simpsons?
ANSWER: Sherri and Teri 
Q4: In the TV series of the same name, what does `C. S. I.` stand for?
ANSWER: Crime Scene Investigation 
Q5: Michael Keaton Played which Superhero in 1989 and 1992
ANSWER: Batman 

Q1: The pop groups Ace Of Base and The Cardigans both hail from which country?
ANSWER: Sweden 
Q2: Which instrument was Dizzy Gillespie famous for playing?
ANSWER: The trumpet 
Q3: The original Live Aid concerts were held at Wembly and Philadelphia on 13th July in which year?
ANSWER: 1985 
Q4: How many times are the words `Hey Jude` mentioned in the Beatles song of the same name?  14, 24 or 34?
Q5: Who won a Grammy in 2002 for her vocal on the song `I`m Like A Bird`?
ANSWER: Nelly Furtardo 

Q1: Chronophobia is the fear of what?
Q2: Who wrote the novel `Fantastic Mr. Fox`?
ANSWER: Roald Dahl 
Q3: In `Coronation Street`, what was Stan Ogden`s occupation?
ANSWER: Window Cleaner 
Q4: What is the name of Dr Evil`s cat in the `Austin Powers` films?
ANSWER: Mr Bigglesworth 
Q5: Of all the rooms in a game of cluedo, which would come first alphabetically?
ANSWER: Ballroom 
Q6: What are the six murder weapons used in a game of `Cluedo`?  (Point for all Six)
ANSWER: Candlestick, Dagger, Lead Piping, Rope, Revolver Spanner


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Being in hospital doesn’t sound like fun for anyone. But lying in a bed in Northwick Park Hospital could take away thoughts of tasteless food and repetitive tests.   

Keeping you up-to-date with current affairs while playing lively music and lots of entertainment, patients can tune into Radio Northwick Park from their bedside patientline handsets.  

Radio Northwick Park is based in Northwick Park Hospital, North-West London. With hundreds of patients, the station’s key aim to purely to entertain and help make each patients’ stay comfortable and happy. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, live shows start at 6pm and run through till 11pm.

One of the most important shows on RNP is The Request Show. Every weekday evening, a group of volunteers visit the patients on the wards and find out what they want to hear. With lots of requests and dedications the show entails a vibrant and fun atmosphere.  

RNP is entirely run by volunteers, who come from all cultures and backgrounds. With the station reputation growing and new ideas within the organisation, RNP is a expanding day by day.

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Radio Northwick Park has received three nominations for this year’s Hospital Broadcasting Association National Awards. They are:

1. Station of the Year

2. Best Male – Ben Punter

3. Best Female – Lauren Rich

The award ceremony takes place in Leeds on 29th March.

Good Luck everyone!

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Hi. My name is Heena Tailor and I am an undergraduate student studying Journalism with Economics. More and more the internet is playing a major role in society.

Within my degree I have been set an assignment to create a blog and generate activity within a subject I feel passionate about. I have chosen a charity radio station I work forRadio Northwick Park is a hospital station based in Northwick Park Hospital in North-West London. It is a charity based organisation which is entirely run by volunteers, whose aim is provide patient visiting and a broadcast entertainment service. Making a patients’ stay happier, RNP is known as a vibrant, fun station with a variety of people.  

The purpose of this blog is to constantly update the events organised by Radio Northwick. These help generate funds for further investments the station want to undertake. Events such as quiz nights and outside broadcasts overall generate awareness within the local community and inform people about the organisation and the work they complete.

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